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iovation Tokenization

C’est mois, in the first of a series for the iovation blog:

Given our commitment to responsible data stewardship, as well as the invalidation of Safe Harbor and the advent of the GDPR, we saw an opportunity to reduce these modest but very real risks without impacting the efficacy of our services. A number of methodologies for data protection exist, including encryption, strict access control, and tokenization. We undertook the daunting task to determine which approaches best address data privacy compliance requirements and work best to protect customers and users — without unacceptable impact on service performance, cost to maintain infrastructure, or loss of product usability.

The post covers encryption, access control, and tokenization.

Tune In, Opt-Out

Mindful of the fact that Ovid has suffered identity theft, and more than once, at that, and that it’s incredibly easy for someone to get a credit card in your name, I was happy to hear from a friend that you can have your name removed from the pre-approved credit card application database, so to speak. In the U.S., all you need to do is call +1 (888) 5-OPT-OUT, provide some information (including your Social Security number–yikes!), and that’s it. Given that it requires your SSN, I wasn’t sure about it, but a quick Googling yielded this FTC page legitimizing the number. And it has links to get me off of direct mail and direct email lists, too. Sweet!

You should visit the FTC page right now and get off those lists, too.

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